Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the community?

We have 156 suites and an average of 175 total residents living here at Villa Royale.

Do I need to sign a lease?


Are there any special accessibility features in the suites?


Is the meal plan on a rotation?

Villa Royale’s eight-week meal rotation changes a minimum of twice per year.

Do you provide for special diets?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accommodate special dietary needs.

Are there assigned seats in the dining room?

No. Residents are welcome to choose any available seat.

Can I cook in my suite?

Yes. Each suite has a full kitchen.

Do you have visitor parking?

Yes. There are four designated visitor parking spots and ample parking on Edmonton Ave.

Are pets allowed?


What is your intake process?

Call Don with questions and to book a tour or find out about an Open House event. Once a resident has moved into Villa Royale, they meet with Vivian, our Support Services Supervisor to outline their individual needs and get an orientation on the overall building and its amenities. They receive a binder with information and are connected with the Emergency Response System, if desired. Medical information is put on the fridge for medics, if they are required to respond.

Will I have a voice in the Villa Royale community?

Our office is open 9-5 on weekdays and has an open door policy. Residents are welcome to come talk to Don, Housing Manager, or Vivian, Support Services Supervisor, at any time.

May I host friends and family?


Are there any restrictions for visitors?


Is there a common space that can be booked for family functions?

Residents may book the dining room for functions. It seats around 30 people and is equipped with a kitchenette.

What is your policy on family bringing meals in from outside?

Families are welcome to bring food at any time. Residents may also book our dining room for private functions of up to 30 people.

Are salon services available on-site?

Yes, we have a salon that is set up for hair and nails, by appointment.

How does the Emergency Response System work?

Residents can opt-in to our in-house system, LifeAid. This system allows residents to call for help by pressing a button which sends an alert to 911 and an email to staff. Residents receive a call back to ensure it isn’t a false alarm.

Are there laundry services?

Our staff provides linens services weekly (towels, sheets, and bath mats). Complementary laundry facilities are also located throughout the building.

What do Villa Royale’s housekeeping services include?

Villa Royale’s weekly housekeeping services include bathrooms, vacuuming around furniture, and sweeping and washing linoleum surfaces.

Do you provide dementia care?

No, Villa Royale does not have a secured unit for people with dementia.

Do you provide bathing services or assistance with dressing and grooming?

While Villa Royale does not provide these services, we can help residents arrange them with homecare who have 24 lock box access to the building. If homecare cannot be arranged, we can connect residents with private service providers.

Is there a doctor that visits regularly?

While we do not have a doctor that visits Villa Royale regularly, we have a nurse who provides care every eight weeks at the Wellness Clinic.

Can other services come in (e.g., massage therapy, physiotherapy)?

Yes. Residents are welcome to arrange outside care. Our Support Services Supervisor can help connect people with community resources.

Do you have a shuttle service?

We have found it much more cost-effective for residents to utilize ride services (e.g. taxi, Uber). If residents need assistance coordinating transportation, our office staff are always happy to assist.

Are you connected with a pharmacy?

Residents can stay connected with their own pharmacies or we can arrange free delivery with the pharmacy that we’re connected with, which also provides free basic staple grocery delivery, free bubble-packing and free pharmacy med reviews. The Co-op Grocery Store adjacent to our building also has a pharmacy.

Are continence management services available?

No. These services may be arranged with Home Care. Our Support Services Supervisor can help connect residents with these services.

Do you include medication monitoring services?

The nurse can provide advice at our Wellness Clinic every eight weeks. If a resident requires more regular services, they can be arranged with Home Care. Our Support Services Supervisor can help connect residents with these services.

Want to know more?
Call or email Housing Manager Don Capon to arrange a phone call or tour of our facilities.

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Housing Manager
Villa Royale
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